P2p live cam default password

Changing WAN Login Password >> Make sure that the camera is added successfully to the APP in WAN mode and it’s online before you start. No need to apply additional DDNS 3. ② By P2P (recommended): Input UID (on the label at the bottom of the camera) and P2P Password (8888 by default). See Figure 3-5. Make sure you know about internal and external IP address, port setting, port Device name: Name the camera on the PC, for example, "front door", "Home", etc. Default settings for cameras and dvrs CCTV Calculator is a tool designated for camera system basic parameters determination and testing. username. Figure 3-1 Login Window. (The camera's ID and password stick on the label at the bottom of the camera, if you changed the password, please input the correct one. 4 de nov. By default the password is "8888". Change ALL default passwords for ALL users on ALL devices that can be accessed remotely from the internet. Port: 37777 is the default Username: Type the Username set in the CCTV recorder. P2P ID, Password: Input the camera's ID and password here. History 2. Click to see full answer. The MAC address of the camera can be generated automatically by scanning the bar code, or you can scan the QR code from web interface. Ideally, you’d plug in your ONVIF cameras, the DHCP server gives them an IP with a long lease. ○ The default Web port number is 80 and the default media port number is 9988. It's easy to use. 264 and MJPEG cameras: For local viewing (connected to your LAN): You can touch “Add” to add the camera manually. Then check if the IP camera network address has changed to the According to the survey, 30% of users will not change the default username and password for their IP cameras. Select "Wi-Fi Settings". Then you press the reset button and hold it. 4 GHz which is widely used by other home appliances. Once the camera is recognized you can open camera live view. Notification Message. 9. 192. Video will be shown at VGA resolution (640x480) if viewing your camera from a PC on the same local network, or at QVGA resolution (320x240) if viewing your camera from a PC on a remote network. If you need to share the camera video to your friends, please make use of the share function rather than create a new account. 4. By default the password is admin. 64. The cameras would begin to switch off between the multiple cameras. apk”file in the CD. Type in the password. If a password has been forgotten unfortunately there is no way to recover these as this would compromise the camera security. Before accessing the majority of IP cameras, input the default account information is mandatory. Contains Ads. In the Computer window, click PMHOME. Tap on the black area to launch the control pannel. Then Press START LIVE PREVIEW. Statement: The  Real Plug and Play(P2P) is brand new technology for ip camera market. It enables easy calculation of an appropriate lens focal length, camera viewing angle, IP camera bandwith, storage capacity for records archiving and of other camera system parameters. Read on for an overview of P2P cameras or click below to learn about our Car P2P Cameras! 1. Help me Connect to my new P2P Wireless IP Camera - posted in Networking: Hi Please I Need Help to Connect to my new P2P Wireless IP Camera my IP camera : HD P2P Wireless IP Camera 720P H. Click on "OK". This allows you to save internet bandwidth. no-ip. Without entering the password, click on Login to show the system date. Password: 00000000. 11) Log in using your camera’s default user name and password USER: admin PASS: “pylecam” OR “admin” 12) Check that you see a live video feed for the camera No Video?-If you aren’t using Google Chrome – back up to step 9 and try logging in using Google chrome in server push mode now This Hikvision video shows how to change the password on a Hikvision IP camera and also explains best practices for choosing a strong password. See Figure 3-6. If there is both IP and P2P, then IP will be adopted firstly. Use this app to view and control your IP Camera. IV,Software function introduction 1),Live Interface 3. Just so, what is the default password for Night Owl DVR? Using Night Owl X The DVR username is admin by default. Version 2. Password: Type the Password set in the CCTV recorder. Dvr default User Name : admin , Password : admin. (The camera's ID and Disabled camera will not be shown in live view. Live Preview: Select Main if you want a higher resolution images but consumes more data. Disabled camera will not be shown in live view. password is admin (in lowercase). Default account is admin, and password is 123456 (Start-up wizardl Activate or not when reboot. Press “Play” for Android or “Live” for iPhone to start live view. And you can change the password on User Management page. Then, name your camera and input factory default password. This is a trial application. Now, login to Cloud P2P by entering your username and password, tap Login. Then, you can reset new password for your devices. All channels and alarm inputs of the device will be imported to the corresponding group by default. Video live view/ record/ playback/ backup. Default IP. Note: The device name easy to remember just write Paste on P2P UID Password had not been changed, then that is 8888 if you have modified, please fill in the date. Step 4. How can I set up an new camera on my computer without a smart phone? Only the cameras that support Ethernet cable can set up WiFi directly via PC software, such as Q3/Q3S/W2/W3. Go to DVR, Main Menu>Configuration>Network>P2P then scan QR code or manually enter Device ID and password. With the p2p ip camera: 1. Press the “Save” button to be taken to the device list. Camera model. Device name: Name the camera on the PC, for example, "front door", "Home", etc. 4) When selecting the setup option in the app – choose “wired setup Mobile App Interface and Features Live Video Page Follow the below picture guide to change some of the specs and fill the camera's ID and password on the software. 11) Log in using your camera’s default user name and password USER: admin PASS: “pylecam” OR “admin” 12) Check that you see a live video feed for the camera No Video?-If you aren’t using Google Chrome – back up to step 9 and try logging in using Google chrome in server push mode now Login using your email address or user name as well as your account password (case sensitive) You will see your device(s) that are added to your account. Fig 6. If default password was changed, you can try resetting the equipment. If default password doesn't work, check "installation manual" of the product. de 2015 These web browser support all Cisco IP camera features except motion The default login credentials (Username/Password) are admin/admin. Select Device and select cameras. x) 4) Found a blank line in the lower section. Paste on P2P UID Password had not been changed, then that is 8888 if you have modified, please fill in the date. The log in page for your Especially because it’s a really bad idea to have the same root password on all the cameras. VIVOTEK  É por isso que criei esta lista de senhas padrão da câmera IP, para que as pessoas possam usá-la para ter acesso ao menu Merit Lilin Camera, admin, pass. WIRELESS IP CAMERA. By default, the user name is admin. 1 . 3xLogic. The use of default passwords in production systems is considered poor practice. • Download ways: Find the “p2p Cam_zx. The default user name is: admin, default password is: ms1234; Manual for P2P IP CAMERA Android APP . Choose a strong password that would be difficult for a stranger to guess rather than using the camera’s default username and password. Locate your device using the ConfigTool. 2g Fig 6. Access camera Web GUI using camera IP address. Record – Record video of the live view and store on camera's memory. DM368-IMX036 Network Camera Supported Default Login Default username is 'admin' and default password is '9999'. protocol and modify the NVR's default ONVIF password after adding it in. admin. Figure 3-5 f) After scan, you can view the product SN. plug2cam appp2p ip camera setup pc. The Hikvision default password usually is the most wanted one but it only works for old models since the new LaView Mobile P2P Set Up. The P2P enabled cameras allow you to access the live streaming locally and remotely by using the UID (unique ID) number for security cameras to add it to the software. the question that i want to ask is, how to get port of camera to doing http port, i mean, i want to embedd the live video from camera to my own webpage using http port, please give me the answer sir. This is a list of the default login credentials (usernames, passwords and IP addresses) for logging into common IP web cameras. You will see the camera run through a full range of pan and tilt motion. If you log in with Live View selected, live video will be displayed  P2P IP CAMERA camera by your choice and input factory default password. P2P camera networking takes care of one of the essential issues that CCTV cameras had in the past. Yoosee, free App designed for WiFi cameras and WiFi NVR kits. Tap next continue to Add WIFI device window. This will restore ALL settings to factory defaults, including the username and password. Fill device ID number The factory default password: blank The factory default user name :admin 2. Manufacturer of the camera. Camera vendor. If you do not have a username and password, please contact the admin and have them create one for you using the instructions on page 7 of your QSG. of the camera. org. x. The default password is 123456. After logging in with the reset password, drop down the System setting on the taskbar to access the Default settings. POE camera also can work as IP camera, connect with 12V power adapter and Ethernet with router Modifying the camera’s IP address 1. 2e Fig 6. Figure 3-6 Important Port – default setting will be Port 8000. Watch live video on the program. Here are the steps for setting up p2p from scratch. The camera populates, tap . 2) Right clicked to “Video manage”. p2p ip camera reset. And click "Confirm" button to continue. Device Management Add Devices Add Through Device List 1. n the main part of the screen, the Live Video tab will be selected by default. 2,After the addition is successful, click “Live” to enter the live preview interface. (Log In Account] The login account and password, with the correct account and password can enter the menu. HD Wi-Fi Camera 4 Overview Installation 5 Mounting 6 HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera 7 Overview Installation 8 Mounting 9 Insteon app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Configure a Camera for Wired Ethernet 11 Configure a Camera for Wi-Fi 13 Add an Already Configured Camera 15 Add a Remote Camera 18 Advanced Camera Configuration 20 Automatic Remote Access 1) Please attached a camera to the NVR (use a net cable) and the camera needs to be connected to the power supply. You will now see the SSID and Password of your camera. Those default choices can be public knowledge. de 2019 Type "admin" on the username. 264 Cameras. If the camera is not connected to the router, please reset, even after a hot machine to configure. Read more abou Login using your email address or user name as well as your account password (case sensitive) You will see your device(s) that are added to your account. Product Information Lingodigit Co. At the very least, all surveillance network devices, including cameras, clients, and servers, should be changed from the defaults with strong passwords, documented in a secure location. We then find the cameras on the network using the default credentials. The camera is now accessible from anywhere ① By IP Address: Input the camera’s IP address, port, Username/Password. P2P DID number, you can find it on the camera's body, Device password is your device login password, the default password is empty. Here are steps on how to change it. The default username is ADMIN and the default password is 1234. User Name, Password. ·The default password for account 'admin' is empty. Default camera password: 0000. (3) You can also click to search online camera within LAN. Select "Settings". On this page, you can find default passwords for the most popular security cameras. Step 3) Use Tool "Reset Config" to reset the device to factory default setting. 5 *Notice: One IP camera could not be added by several accounts. Alternately, tap Menu > Devices. (For P2P, tap Start Live Preview to view video feed live and steps end here. Select the camera you've just added to start viewing live video. Mouse over the icon will be Step 3) Use Tool "Reset Config" to reset the device to factory default setting. Step by Step Instructions. Easy P2P monitoring via smart phone APP(Android/IOS) e) Click register mode and then select P2P. default Port : 8000. 10 Login name is: admin Password: blank, no password. These cameras support P2P function. The default password is: 888888; The default user is: admin. Default User Name : Admin. If you forget the password, the only  Default passwords for Arcdyn IP Cameras, Network Video Recorders, and TVI DVRs. If they are using a POE switch, they have to plug the switch into the Ethernet port, and the cameras will be on their local network . 3) “Refreshed” to allow the NVR to find the attached camera (The camera’s IP on the above box must be 192. 1. It contains information from different camera companies around the world. 5) Click the camera to view the live  Default ID & Password is admin/admin. Hostname or IP address of the camera, e. Enter a Device name, IP address, Port number (default Port: 80 for MJPEG If you forgot your password, tap Menu > P2P Account > Forgot Password. uCare Cam APP Overview. When visit (live view) your DVR at the 1st time, the IE browser settings should be, Device 01 11 12 13 Internet- Customization level Use your phone's camera to scan the QR Code (then skip to step #7) OR If you are not in front of the recorder or do not have an HDMI screen plugged in, tap the pencil icon in the top right to manually enter your devices 9 digit serial number. Update new name and password. 1) enable the IP camera motion detection function via web browser or UC client,. password: input camera’s user name and password Click the upper-right 【Save】 Device will show connected condition after adding, then you can add the next channel . Uniview Network Cameras. And some security cameras ( Reolink cameras , for example) make the process much easier by automatically scanning the IP camera address and adding it to your monitoring software. Pls be patient until the Android APP installed and displayed on the screen. Notification Server. This way the camera will be accessible either from the local wired or wireless LAN connection or from remote internet connection. Here you will see the IP Camera web Client, with 3 options. 3. The DVR/NVR will automatically detect any connected hardware (cameras, Note: the default administrator account is admin, the default password is. Enter camera, you will see Live Preview interface by default. Option C: Add a camera manually: For H. Default manager  Password is 888888888 (nine eights). 2. Enable your camera’s security features. Web Under Set menu, at bottom, then Network on left and Base, across the top, DHCP should be enabled by default, make sure it’s still checked off. Camera name is used for recording as a directory name. It seems to me that the lack of an ONVIF default user is a problem. p2p ip camera default ip address How to Setup Amcrest Camera on Peer to Peer (P2P) Networking. Click, "Setup". de 2018 So how does this “XMEye P2P Cloud” feature work in practice? The default password of the admin user (username is “admin”) is blank. Best Wireless P2P WiFi Camera – Reolink RLC-511W Reolink RLC-511W P2P WiFi camera can be set up easily by scanning QR code or entering UID. Typically, you can find the default username and password from either user-manual or the product sticker on the product. Customer will provide Camera serial number and System Date to Technical Support agent. This can be changed in Network Configuration. It can supports most IP camera's. Sn. “ ” Fig 6. Click on Default to reset your IP camera to factory settings. The password will be "blank" (default). Tap the camera, and then tap Live View. 5 or myhost. Product manuals can be found on manufacturer websites. ○. Username: admin. 2 Directly Access through IE. Default User Name and Password of Hikvision IP Cameras V5. Reset the password as instructed. By default, the password is 12345. No need to change router’s configuration There are three adding types, you should choose to add via “P2P”; Step2: Enter the MAC address of the camera, the user name and the password. ‘admin’ and default password is ‘admin’. admin, 12345. User Name and Password – Enter your device user name and password (Default User: admin Default Pass: admin12345) Enter the requested parameters and press Add; Enable Cloud P2P on your Device (check device type to see if supported) Login to your NVR via For old models: Username: service. Desktop software is VMS. The most popular way to connect an IP camera to an NVR is The default username and password of your SureVision NVR is: P2P is highlighted. g. Performance Series IP Camera Software  Click on this to run the APP. 6. P2P Systems - Default Username and Password. The information of all the cameras is collected in this application. This p2p feature allows you to add your wi-fi Camera to multiple tablets and smartphones. Click the Start live preview button, now you can see the following interface. Show live video of connected cameras. Password: Input the device password. Click on the camera entry that you just added to start Live Viewing. 2i Tip When the password is same as the factory default password, it will remind you to modify username and password, tap Finish. Next, click INFO folder and then click WIFI_INF. ake sure that the phone is able to connect to the Internet before use the Android APP. App interface support windows phone dark theme and light theme. Bosch IP camera default password: service. Note : M. While holding the reset button, plug the power connector again into the camera and still maintain the reset button for around 30 seconds and release it. - When boot up completes, your camera's Ethernet port will show a solid green and blinking yellow light indicating the camera is connected to your router. If you are not the admin, login with your username credentials. Username: admin Password: 123456 Change ALL the default passwords to a ‘Strong Level’ password. Sticker can be found on the sticker attached to the camera. Thanks for choosing our HD IP camera. Please drag cam into Display The use of default passwords in production systems is considered poor practice. IV,Software function introduction 1),Live Interface If default password doesn't work, check "installation manual" of the product. 12345. We put together a page that gives step by step instructions to reset security cameras to factory default. Wait for the device to reboot. Optionally, you can check the checkbox Export to Group to create a group by the device name. If you forget the password, you can factory reset the device or restore the password using Hikvision key. a. The default username and password for this system is as follows: USER: admin. This dual-band WiFi P2P IP camera (2. Click the “Access” button and it will open a new tab bringing you to the; Live View of that device. de 2020 Default P2P Camera feed activated and sent to a server in plaintext A username and password for an Apache web server directory called  For H. ① By IP Address: Input the camera’s IP address, port, Username/Password. Pass: 111111 (six number 1's) If you have changed and forgotton the password, there is a reset button on the back of the system. 5. If you forgot your password, tap Menu > P2P Account > Forgot Password. Default IP address: DHCP username: admin, password: no password/admin ONVIF port number: 8899 RTSP URL: main stream rtsp://ip//live/ch00_1 sub-stream rtsp://ip//live/ch00_0. Install it at Android mobile phones. If the password of the camera is the default password set in the factory, When using P2P service, NVR can be used by connecting to mobile web viewer. 3 steps setup your camera via p2p . de 2019 How to use a wireless camera and stay safe · Change any passwords. 0 address bar to the IP addresses of Web servers hosting those sites. Hikvision IP Camera. , Ltd. plug2view camera manual. Due to security issues in the past, most of the new IP cameras don't have a default password and you have to create one during the installation. Web Now you have the CCTV security cameras installed at your home, and you are able to watch the live view on your iPhone, Android phone, iPad, etc. Default IP address: 192. . The camera's Live  720P 30m IR Fixed Lens IP Bullet Camera Remote Live Surveillance . Indoor HD Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera with P2P Please note to change your default username and password once you have initially logged into your. i successfuly setup to app and cms, and i have got the ip address of camera. Default IP Address : 192. This correspond to the quality of the sub-stream. Status should read as “Connected”, if you have a network cable connected. User Name and Password – Enter your device user name and password (Default User: admin Default Pass: admin12345) Enter the requested parameters and press Add; Enable Cloud P2P on your Device (check device type to see if supported) Login to your NVR via Windows® operating system: Click the Start button, and then click Computer. The default username and  By default, the IP Camera's administrator password is admin. 1 Brief Instruction: Real Plug and Play(P2P) is brand new technology for ip camera market. Touch to save the camera settings. • Enter the new password and confirm it. Default usernames and passwords for most devices are very well known by unauthorized users looking to access systems online and the default usernames and password are the 5. Login to your device using the following credentials: 4. Input your device's IP address into Internet Explorer. What else you might need to do? Well, the first thing we advise: change your CCTV system password. Default manager name: admin. 8 de jul. Eg: If the default gateway is 192. The default password of. p2p ip camera software. 2. Usually, to reset an IP camera to default state, you unplug it from the power source. P2P Wireless IP camera User Manual PC client version 2. 10 , Username: admin, no Password (if no problem for using, we don’t suggest you set the password for your camera,restore to factory setting is very difficult). Also you can click “search” to add cameras in the LAN. Get Live Video: Descriptions for the Icons & Buttons on the Live Video: 5. Leveraging the advanced P2P technology to make remotely monitoring easier. For security concerns, we might not be very specific on details. ) Wireless IP Camera P2P. Type the username and password in the login page, the  9 de out. 2 firmware: Finally, click the Start Live  23 de mar. Double click on the Device Name in the upper left as picture below to connect to your cameras. If you changed the username and password before and forgot the username and password, you have to follow Method 1, make a hard reset. C. The default username and password will both be: admin. 13/DHCP username: admin, password: 123456 Port number: HTTP (80), RTSP (554), HTTPS (110/443), ONVIF Port – default setting will be Port 8000. Camera name. Functions Lists 7 x 24 hours online HD video real-time live view Remote view via multi web browsers . Viewing your security system outside of your home or business can be as easy as scanning a QR code, entering in a verification code, and selecting Live View  1 de out. 4/5 GHz) can ensure stable video streaming locally & remotely, and it helps cut down bandwidth pressure on home broadband as 5 GHz is less crowded than 2. After clicking OK, you are able to view the camera in LAN after clicking Open. Click Apply and then enter the cameras username and password. How do I change my camera's Wi-Fi name and password? Complete these steps in the YI app: Ensure camera is on and paired with YI app. Hostname/IP address. The ip cameras could be more easy to install and use. Once you've connected, you can view from a phone or tablet via the P2P Cam Live app, available on the app store. 2f Method 3: Manually add Tap to add cameras, type in camera's UID and password manually to connect to the camera. Download >> Download P2p camera manuals. p2p ip camera default ip address V380 IP Cameras. According to the default gateway IP, assign your device an IP in the same range. 2 to 255 Dvr default ip Address is 192. You can enter the P2P ID code manually through the phone keyboard. camera to turn to login page, enter username (default setting is admin) and password (default setting is admin), click login to enter into main interface. 0 DS-2CD2010 DS-2CD2032 etc. P2P. IP Address: 192. md81s wifi camera user manual. 264 HD (high definition) IP camera Type default username “admin” and password “pass” for enter web interface. Playback: Select Extra if you want to view a standard quality but less data it will consume. p2p camera offline. P2P IP camera User Manua Page 6 3. If you bought a camera that encrypts data transmitted via the internet, turn this feature on. CCTV Brand. default browser will run automatically, asking for username and password. Apple® Mac OS® operating system: Click on Go and then click Computer. Unique name to be used for the camera in the app. This short user guide will lead you to take a glance at IP camera and make it work normally by yourself. Make sure the device is connected to wifi or the Sir, i have bought ip cam yoosee from online shop in indonesia. e. 4ghz network. Thanks to the P2P easy access technology, you don’t need to do complicated Port Forwarding and DDNS settings, you just need to scan the QR code on the bottom of the camera to connect it to smart phone, or input the UID on CMS software to realize remote access. For new models: You can reset the camera by pushing the reset button about 8 seconds. As we mentioned before, the multi-step, knowledge-intensive process to remote view your surveillance camera footage. xmartO wireless camera systems in more details. “admin” and password “admin”or“123456”. 4 Register Mode • P2P: password. Click Add to add the device. Please note, you can only add a device to one account. 0. If the camera is available, a Live Video feed will be displayed. Hikvision default password. 2h Fig 6. de 2015 Select your Camera in UPnP device list, click Factory default on the right side. There is no password by default, so leave the password field blank. If you are unable to log in to your DVR / NVR, client software or application due to a forgotten password, contact Technical Support for a password reset. Connect your camera to the wireless router (Modem or Switcher) with net cable. A common flaw with wireless cameras is that they have weak default passwords  The following is a quick rundown of how to setup the P2P functionality on recorders and IP cameras using version 3. 1. Device type: Choose "SP" here. Make of the camera. camera should connect as online and be visible in the live view screen. 264 P/T Contains Ads. Click scan QR code button to scan the QR code from the device (such as network camera) or from GUI (such as DVR, NVR). Default Password : 12345. camera to the QR code on the bottom of the IP camera. If the default username and password above does not work, refer to your user manual for the model-specific default information for your system. (Put in IP address and click Reset) After finished these steps successfully, the device will be default factory settings: IP address is: 192. The default user name is admin (case-sensitive) and the default password is 1234. 264 P/T 7. The video compression engine of the H. 168. See below picture: Download ActiveX Image display area PTZ control Parameter settings Live Preview The IP camera ports only support one camera per port. When logged in, tap My Devices in the P2P Account page to enter the device list. Keep the Live Preview and Playback setting as Extra. If the camera does not read the memory card, or mobile phone in the LAN advanced settings in the background Download >> Download P2p camera manuals. Default Password: admin Without reset button. Enter the verification code on the camera’s label (located on the back of the camera) and then tap Confirm. Watching live HD  To restore the factory settings, please clear the configuration information of the device, Aug 20, 2019 · FLIR/P2P Migration/Camera Password Reset. ) ① By IP Address: Input the camera’s IP address, port, Username/Password. You can use the smartphone camera to read the QR code from the sticker. ) Step 5. (4) Click OK to confirm the input. Note: Reboot process takes about 1 min, please be patient. SETUP MANUAL iq-51FX Please note the camera can only be connected to a 2. Type the username and password in the login page, the default username and password are both admin. Then click OK to complete the addition of the remote device. How to find my password? To press reset key with 10 seconds and Restore the factory Settings. Protocol explanation : ZWP2P:Zowell’s P2P protocol, UID has 19 digits, two【-】in the middle, as picture channel 1. Password. In P2P network mode the default User name is admin, and default password 000000. The ip cameras could be more 2:Please note:default user name is admin,no password. Hassle-Free P2P Camera Setup. 2d Fig 6. Special note: 1. The default username and password of your SureVision NVR is: The default password is intended only for the first login and should be changed to a strong one containing at least eight characters including uppercase and lowercase letters, digits and symbols after your first login to ensure security. The application only contains factory default passwords. No need to set up port forward 2. 1 Add cameras ·Enter an ID number ·Dragged the device to display box after you type the ID ect. 108. Idle condition means no camera in the channel. TXT. 10. • On the «WAN» or «My cameras» page, tap the plus icon or «Options» and then select «Update login password» or «Change login Password». The CCTV IP Default Password application allows you to find forgotten default passwords for Cameras. Camera Manufacturer. Live Preview/Playback Select main stream or extra stream for live Call Technical Support and provide the IP camera’s serial number and the date to receive a reset password. Read Online >> Read Online P2p camera manuals. This password list is for old IP camera models or cameras which still have old firmware. Login dialog will appear when the camera is accessed for the first time. Tap or Add P2P Device directly to add P2P devices. The cameras default username is admin. Under the P2Pmenu (Menu/Set/Network/P2P), P2P should be enabled by default, make sure it is still checked off. Click on the “+ Device” option. The default username and password are admin. Then device IP will be 192. 31 de jul. Add to Wishlist. Enter the camera's name and password. Once you have setup your camera on the internet, the p2p setup option can be worked out. For the first login, use the default username. Page 24. Default Username. Watch your home from anywhere through Wi-Fi or 3G/LTE connection. The password will be the default one -123456, if you have changed your password already, please enter it manually, then click 【Add】 to add device.

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